Monday, May 11, 2009

Sssssurprise, sssurprise!!!

So there I was, trimming the (salad-plate-sized) right hind hoof of Tolstoy, a ginormous young Warmblood.  He was being a very good boy.  I had his leg back behind him, foot resting in the cradle of my hoof stand; my left foot anchoring the stand, right foot between his back legs.  Suddenly, I see something moving near my right foot.  And here comes a snake, slithering purposefully under Tolstoy, and RIGHT OVER THE TOE OF MY RIGHT BOOT.  Nice, fat, 3 ft gopher snake.  ACCCKKKKK!!!  Tolstoy never knew he was there (thank goodness!)  Now THAT was a bit of a heart-stopping moment -- especially since I wasn't sure what sort of snake he was until his tail went over the top of my shoe -- and no rattles -- behind the rest of him!!

Ah, the outdoor life!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fabulous Foal Feet Photos!

The lovely mare Gracie, owned by my good friend Maren Thompson, foaled a precious filly Sunday night.  Little Aliyana kindly allowed Maren to take these beautiful pictures of her amazing, itty bitty foal feet.  Here's the baby hoof model herself:

And here are her perfect, tiny 12 hours old:

...and at 2 days old: