Friday, July 17, 2009

New DVD Set from Pete Ramey

Pete & Ivy have just released a new 3 DVD set documenting the rehab of a single horse for 16 months. This set is an excellent look into the ups and downs some cases present. Of particular interest to me, though, was the final segment, where Pete describes the new radiograph markup techniques he and Dr. Taylor have developed. Using barium paste, the important landmarks (hairline, heel, sole at frog apex) are carefully outlined. Instead of noting degrees of rotation, distal descent is measured in millimeters, as is horn-to-laminae separation. Have a look here:

Pete doesn't just focus on trim; he talks about diet balancing, movement, and booting, and how important it is to get all of these elements right. YES!!!

I wish I could share these DVDs with all of my clients; in addition to all of the other valuable information presented here, Pete laments the training issues with the mare, who battles him throughout the rehab. People, if your horse cannot stand patiently and offer a foot for a trim, PLEASE address this issue. If you're not competent to train the horse properly, then hire someone who is. Your hoof care professional can only do a good job if the horse is cooperative. Training the horse to be good with his feet is NOT part of a monthly trim. And there is just no excuse for a horse that needs to be twitched, drugged, or otherwise manhandled for the process!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

NEW E-Booklet from The Thoughtful Horseman!

Making Sense of Natural Horse Training Techniques

Philosophies on Horsemanship

Thoughts and ideas to help guide you and your horse to a more rewarding partnership.

What the heck is natural horsemanship, really?

Although much of what I've written here is essentially theory, and not specific step by step instruction, I believe you'll find the answers to guide you through many of the places you might find yourself stumped along this journey.

(20 pages, 10,000 words in PDF format)


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